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Dryer Instructions

Using our machines is easy.

Getting Started Instructions for our Coin-Operated Dryers. Our commercial machines work a lot like standard home dryers.

Some of the fundamentals when using our machines are:

1. Clean your Dryer Lint Filter & Replace Before Loading – Located inside bottom of door opening.

2. Load your clothes being careful Not to Overload the Dryer – Close Door.

3. Insert your Coins in Coin Slot or Coin Slide push all the way in and out again. – Do Not Use Damaged Coins.

4. Select your Fabric Temperature setting – Refer to Care Directions on Clothing Labels.

5. Push – Push to Start Button – Select cycle on Electronic Machine to Start.

6. Time Standard Dry takes 45 Minutes Approx – Electronic Machines have a “time remaining display” that reaches 0 minutes when the clothes are done.


1. Clean Lint Filter & Replace Before Loading (Located inside bottom of door opening).

2. Load your Clothes and close door.

3. Starting the Dryer: Whichever Machine selection is right for you,

* Standard Machine: Put the correct coins and amount in the coin slide and push all the way in then pull the slide back out again then Turn Cycle Selector Knob to your selection and Press the “Start” button on the consol and dryer starts.

* Electronic Machines: Put the correct coins and amount in the coin drop press down firmly (but not too hard) on the panel area of your drying machine until your cycle selection is displayed and dryer starts.

Add coins the display counts down coins required to start, you can add aditional individual coins for extra time if required. Dryer Touchpad settings or Cycle Selector Knob on your Maytag Dryer are easy to understand.

“Whites & Colors” means “High Heat” and is the best all around setting for drying large loads.

“Sturdy Permanent Press” means “Moderate Heat” with cool down.

“Delicate Permanent Press ” means “Low Heat” with cool down and is excellent for delicate fabrics and fine washables.

Just as on your Maytag washing machine, you have Fabric / Temperature options that allow you the best possible results for all your different kinds of clothes. And Don’t Forget to press the “Start” button whenever you open the dryer door and wish to restart the machine.

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